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Through partnerships with global market leading companies, Systems Design.

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Systems Integration

Through a highly qualified team and deep experience in the media & broadcast industry, Systems Design built its own "Know How" in designing, managing and implementing turnkey projects for:

  • Satellite Channels Play Out Centers
  • Studio Complexes
  • TV & Radio Centers with MCR
  • O.B. Vehicles
  • Audio & Video Restoration, Digitization & Archiving
  • Acoustical Isolation & Treatment Works
  • Film/Video Transfer & Telecine Solutions
  • Digital Signage

Products & Solutions

Through partnerships with global market leading companies, Systems Design offers a wide range of HW&SW products and solutions for serving the vast majority of broadcasters needs.

Systems Design products and solutions for Studios, Play Out Centers, and Broadcasting Transmission include but are not limited to:

  • Vision Mixers
  • Audio Consoles
  • Miscellaneous equipments such as video converters, embedders, de-embedders, keyers, distribution systems, etc
  • Lighting Systems
  • Virtual Studios
  • Cranes
  • Channels Branding & Master Control
  • Video Streaming Servers
  • Audio & Video Routers
  • Automation & Asset management software solutions
  • Archiving Solutions
  • Analog & Digital TV Transmitters
  • Mobile TV Transmission Systems
  • IPTV Solutions
  • Digital Signage Solutions

Acoustical works

Systems Design has a proven track record as a leading firm in isolation and acoustical treatment works whether as a contractor or as a consultant.

Based on scientific engineering principles and long years of practical experience, Systems Design developed its successful methodology in implementation of acoustical works for different applications as studio complexes and conference rooms.


Systems Design combines it’s understanding for broadcaster’s needs with technical&market knowledge built up over several years of experience to translate it’s clients needs into technical requirements, provide well reasoned advice and support by supervision in project implementation.

Systems Design consulting services cover:

  • Preparation of Tender Documents
  • Proposals Evaluation & Analysis
  • TV & Radio Centers with MCR
  • Engineering Design
  • Project Implementation Supervision


Systems Design maintains a highly competitive team of consultants, engineers and technicians who are committed to satisfy our client’s needs with top-notch services and solutions.

Systems Design outsourcing activity covers wide spectrum of services in media & broadcasting domain including services as:

  • Preparation of Tender Documents
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Play out Centers Technical Operations
  • Virtual Studios
  • Studios Technical Operations
  • Systems Installations